Life Happens…

30 Apr

So I suppose life has caught up to me. I just realized the most recent post I had was in September. I wanted to use this blog to publish some of the things I have been getting into and the random  local shows or concerts I have gone to.

Long story short. I have been bi-winning.

Winning, because I have been going to almost a show or two a week for the past month.
Losing, because I have not written nor posted anything about any of these shows. I guess I have been enjoying myself a little too much.

Ultimately I am excusing myself from my lack of wordpress existence. So BOOM!
Marnacle is back in!


Bad Weather California

18 Sep

I wish I could have been more sober for this show, but then again what kind of basement show would it be without being a little flippant and fucked up? Especially when you are in Grand Junction, Colorado no less. One thing I will reminsce on is how much I adore those kinds of shows. I mean how much more intimate can it get when you are so sweaty and hot that you can’t tell if its your sweat or the other 30 people that are squashed into this too-small of a space. Its intimate, grungy, drunk, and I love it.

Also… Bad Weather was awesome as per usual, as well as the guy that played after them. I can’t for the life of me remember what his name was though, sorry!

Arctic Monkeys

18 Sep

May 28,2013-

Why yes I will go with you to a sold out show at Ogden Theater, said I on May 28 (Yay having friends that know I love shows). I’ve always wanted to see the Arctic Monkeys and god knows they have been around long enough that I should have seen them by now, but it was worth the wait! They put on a great sold out show and its not surprising why. They sound just like they do on CD. Which was surprising for a band that has been around for as long as they have, especially with all the partying and such. Keep it up boys, whatever you are doing and have been for years is working! They had great energy and were a fantastic band to see live.

Palisade Bluegrass Festival

18 Sep

June 15, 2013-

What could be a better way to start your Saturday morning then to spend it in a gorgeous location, surrounded by wonderful people, while listening to amazing folk and bluegrass music? There is no better way… wait, no especially not after I got a strong and spicy bloody mary from Peach St. Distillers. My friend and I started off watching the Brothers Comatose. The Comatose was a welcome surprise from a great americana band that I hadn’t heard of until now. You’ve got your bassist, banjo, plenty guitar, fiddler, and some great singing to boot.

And now that everyone got a good taste of the more modern side of bluegrass, it was a nice change to hear James Reams and the Barnstormers. They are a wonderful traditional bluegrass band from Phoenix, Arizona. But of course the two main events for this Saturday of the festival were Paper Bird and the Devil Makes Three.

It was great to see Paper Bird in their home state (as well as mine) Colorado. Living in Denver for the past couple of years myself, it was surprising that this was the first time I have ever seen them live. I was not disappointed. The women are wonderful harmonizers. Their voices blend and intermix splendidly. On top of their amazing melodies and vocal harmonies, the girls were making the audience laugh as much as a comedian would.

Last but certainly not least, The Devil Makes Three. Honestly its a bit hard for me to sift through the recesses of my dance-coma mind, but overall they were just how I pictured the would be. Amazing, of course. But as corny as it sounds I almost want to go as far as saying it was magical. With the sun setting behind Mt. Garfield and the Bookcliffs hanging in the distance behind the trio I could not ask for more.

The Devil Makes ThreeThe Devil Makes Three

El Ten Eleven & Races

5 Aug

February 5, 2012-

I never thought that of all the bands to come to the Grand Valley; let alone Fruita, Colorado would be none other than El Ten Eleven. I also didn’t know that they would play with an equally respectable band The Races, or that there are only two guys in El Ten… really?!  I was stoked that they were even playing so close to the larger but still small oil-town of Grand Junction, Colorado.

This was the first of two shows the bands would play at an even smaller venue usually compromised of arts and crafts classes and other odds n’end ordeals. The first night sold out within a day or so, considering they were only allowing a max of roughly 50 people; thus the second night in Colorado. I went to the first night, that was apparently sold out and only had about 25-30 people in it… and trust me I’m probably over exaggerating.  I was shocked to see so few people there and especially after I saw the two play. If you ever have the chance to see either of these bands I absolutely recommend it, even if you don’t see them in as intimate of a setting as I did, it will still definitely be worth every dime.

The Races were set up looking squished in such a small area for a rather large band consisting of keys, and two singers. Despite the space the band exuded confidence and a sort of decadence that was reminiscent throughout the room. Now El Ten… like I said I had no idea there was only two of them and after seeing them put together such phenomenal music I really couldn’t believe it. I’m just going to sum this up and say that everyone that played are amazing musicians and I know everyone in that room was thinking, “Damn this was the best $20 I’ve ever spent.”

The sound quality is poor on the video, but I was right next to my friend who filmed this just so you can get a sense of just how “intimate” it was.

Jeremy Messersmith-Supper Club Tour

5 Aug

October 10,2012-

To say that I was upset that I did not buy a ticket and missed out on Other Lives playing at Hi-Dive would be an understatement. However, I suppose with great sacrifice comes great gain (ha)! And that gain happened to be in the form of Jeremy Messersmith. I had heard of the Minnesota native whilst meandering on the internet one day and soon became obsessed with his music.  From his earlier albums such as Silver City to A Boy, A Girl, and a Graveyard, I love it all. Jeremy had the wonderful idea of having a potluck tour of sorts. He asked people to bring a dish of food that they had grown up with and join him in somebody’s living room for an acoustic set.  I was trying to sponsor the event in my own living room but found out that Jeremy’s brother lives in Denver, thus the show was held in Lodo. Long story short, it was an amazing experience to be seated on the floor listening to Jeremy woo the small crowd that had gathered. The setting was perfect. Relaxed and intimate, whether that be due to the booze everyone brought or the delicious food that everyone was eating. I recommend every musician at some point in their career to try to do the same.

Last but not least, if it was not for the cassette of his music I purchased that evening I would not have survived the seven hour road trip I had to endure later in May. Another nudge to those musicians out there… make some cassettes of your music! What’s dead may never die!


Heavy Drags & Pushing Up Daisies

5 Aug

Sometime in 2009….

Oh the long and winding road to Montrose, CO just another day in the life of me. I have had my fair share of ridiculous shenanigans with this bunch before and of course it was no surprise that they put on a great show. Whether they play in (I swear to god, the tiniest bar in Colorado) Suds, a small theater, or even a house show it just works. There is something to be said about bands that can create a great atmosphere in a small oddly set-up Mexican restaurant but these boys made it happen. Whether that is because of the fans that came out, the alcohol that I and everyone around me was consuming, or their overall presence, everyone was dancing and nobody looked as though they were slowing down anytime soon. All in all, ridiculous shenanigans will always ensue with this bunch and if you’re into that sort of thing (you are, don’t lie to yourself)then look them up. You will not be disappointed.